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Upvc Repairs

Help Locks locksmiths are uPVC specialists. We regularly carry out services & repairs across Leeds, Wakefield & West Yorkshire area. We recommend that you consider having your door serviced by our team to avoid larger repairs at a later date.


Why should I service my door?

All doors drop over time. When a door has dropped, the multipoint locking system no longer lines up with the door frame, this causes the multipoint locking system to be put under stress that it is not designed to withstand & over time will cause the door to break completely.


What will you do to service my door?

Help Locks locksmiths will re-align the multipoint system with the frame so the door opperates smoothly.

We will remove the multipoint locking system to clean it & then apply a grease to all the moving parts (we recommend greasing the mechanism every 3-6 months).

Any small parts that need replacing will be offered at a very small cost (normally around £6).

We will advise you of the level of security your current cylinder gives you & offer security upgrades at a discounted price.


When should I service my door?

Help Locks recommend a door service every 12-18 months, failing this, you should call us as soon as you notice that your multipoint system is no longer running smoothly. If you have to push, pull or lift the door to operate the door handle & multipoint system, then it's due a service.


What will happen if I never service the door?

Over time, the door will drop & will no longer work smoothly. This will get progressivly worse until it stops working altogether. This will be  much more expensive & inconvenient for you as your door will either not open or not close depending on when it breaks.


Help Locks can & will repair or replace broken multipoint locking systems at a competetive price using like for like parts when they are still available or top branded products if we are working on a system that is no longer manufactured.

0800 002 5258 0800 002 5258

0800 002 5258 0800 002 5258

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